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Meant to Be (Finale)

Again, I'm sorry if the ending will dissapoint some of you.


Their night out did not end as anyone would have expected.

M7ammad was looking at shai5a who was too busy blushing at something he just said to her, as he was driving.

They had an accident.

Shaikha was in a coma for 6 months.

M7ammad wasn't in a coma, nor was he dead.

M7ammad woke up the day after the accident.

But, M7ammad lost his memory.

He lost 10 years of his life.

When M7ammad woke up, all he could think was "Manal"

No amount of talking or begging or official papers would convince him that he had a wife other than his Manal.

Manal wasn't hard to track down, and things weren't too complicated on her side because she was recently divorced.

Everyone tried to interfere.

Everyone cried for "M7ammad and Shaikha," for their love story.

But M7ammad wouldn't budge.

And after a while, they lost hope that Shaikha would wake up.

So M7ammad and Manal got married and started reliving their story.

Every now and then M7ammad would get flashbacks, glimpes of Shaikha, her eyes, her smile, he'd feel like something was missing from him. But he didnt know what that thing was, or that his life would never be complete without Shaikha. He didn't know the whole picture because he never regained his full memory back.


She was the same girl from the outside, minus the glowing eyes and beautiful smile.

From the inside, she didn't even recognize her own self.

She felt dead.

She asked for only one thing from M7ammad, to keep her as his wife on papers.


No one knew the reason. She didn't even know it.

Whether they will ever get back their story.. is up to fate.


Sometimes things don't turn out as we expected.

It is nice to have faith, to have hope.

But sometimes, these are exactly the things that kill us.

The old post from the future might have been a dream, or it might be a few chapters ahead in their story.    

I'm not sure if im going to post another story about their future or not..    

Until their fate is decided.. each one of you can create the ending she dreamed of.    

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meant to be (part 47)

Hello everyone..
Sorry adry wayed 6awalt as usual..
This is going to be the post gabel the last one..
I'm sorry if the ending is going to dissapoint some of you..

 ----- Shai5a

 I opened my eyes slowly, hoping that my throbbing headache won't be exacerbated by the light.

I realized then that it wasn't just my head that was hurting, my whole body felt like it was on fire.

I stared at the ceiling trying to figure out where I was.

I heard a voice calling but I was too dizzy to understand what was going on around me.

"Shai5a" the voice was a bit more clear now.

"Mama.." I recognized her voice, my voice barely audible.

"7abeebti.." She said and I could hear it in her voice that she was crying.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest and forced myself to sit up shwaya so that I could see my surroundings.

I was in a hospital.

"Mama shilsalfa?" I asked dazed.

The doctor came in and started examining me; I couldn't really hear what he was saying to me.

 He gave up on trying to ask me and mumbled a few words to my dad who came in after him before he left the room.

"m7ammad.. waina?" I asked after a while, my voice croaky.

My mom and dad looked at each other, both of their eyes full of tears.

That sharp pain in my chest came back again.

"m7ammad waina?" I repeated.

 "M7ammad safar 3inda sh'3l.." My dad said in an unconvincing manner.

"laish ma galy? mita safar? w ana laish hny?" I asked

 My mom cried as she held my hand tightly.

I pulled my hand away, as all sorts of possibilities came through my mind.

I'm staring at the ceiling as I remember that day.

My tears, which got used to their free reign by now, are flowing.

I ask myself over and over again..


Why does it hurt so much?

I open my laptop to go through our pictures as I do every night, but my flash disk doesn't work.

I feel too weak to panic.

I feel like someone took the last unshattered piece of my heart.

I feel helpless.

I try over and over again.

I try until there are no more tears.

That flash disk was the only thing I had left of him.

I feel numb.

I stare at the ceiling again.

I stare until I fall asleep for the first time in 6 months without going through every picture of us together.

Is it a sign? I ask myself

A sign to move on?

Is there such a thing as moving on?


What do you think happened?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meant to Be (part 46)

I know I have no excuse to keep you waiting hal kither bas I needed the break Im not sure when I'll post next.. second year medicine is not exactly a piece of cake.. im sorry again.. ________________________________

----- Shai5a One thing I hate about myself is that I am completely clueless when it comes to the streets of Kuwait. “Where are we going?” I complained as I tried to figure out where we were exactly. “I didn’t even blindfold you baby and you can’t figure it out” He laughed as a furrowed my eyebrows trying to focus. “stop calling me baby” I replied. “But you are my baby” he said innocently. “But I’m not a baby.. so you can choose another word to express your love” I insisted. “I’ll think about it baby” he smiled at me. I rolled my eyes, smiling in spite of myself. “Just tell me where we are now and I’ll figure out where we are going” I said. “not a chance..” He winked. And the rest of the car ride consisted of the same thing of the same scenario being played over and over again. I realized that he took us to their mazra3a when he parked there, because I am in fact that clueless. “you could’ve just told me you know..” I said as he got out of the car. “But then I’d miss out on the pleasure of annoying you..” He chuckled as he opened my door. “whatever..” I couldn’t help but smile as I tried to get out of the car but he pushed me back in. “I have things planned in a certain way..” He said mischievously. “Shno ya3ny?” I pretended to be annoyed. “Ya3ny.. awal shay you have to wear this..” he said as he gave me a scarf. “You’re so weird” I rolled my eyes as I wrapped the scarf around my neck. “That’s not really what I had in mind..” he replied as he pulled the scarf gently bringing me closer to him. After a quick peck on the lips, he blindfolded me with the scarf. “M7ammad maby” I tried to get it off but he already had my hands secured with one of his as he carried me and kicked the car’s door closed. “This is so not fair” I pouted. “You pouting isn’t fair... because I’ll have to postpone everything I had in mind and kiss you right now.. and it won’t be a quick one this time..” He said and he let his lips linger on mine a little longer than last time until I was smiling instead of pouting. “Aren’t you going to tell me what you’re going to do?” I complained again. He ignored me and continued walking until he dropped me on what I assumed what bed. I took the opportunity to remove the blindfold and look around. I was in his sister’s room, and nothing looked abnormal. He left the room and locked the door behind him before I had the chance to say anything else. Giving up, I lay down on the bed waiting for him to come back. After almost 10 minutes he came back smiling. ----- M7ammad “ha jahza?” I said beaming at her. “not until you tell me what you have in mind” she replied. “that’s my cue then..” I said as I picked her up and made my way outside. “this is so not fair” she struggled to get out of my grip. “I’ll let you carry me next time if it makes you feel better baby” I laughed at her. She glared at me but kept quiet. I hugged her tightly.. making sure her face was buried in my chest 3ashan ma tshoof anything yet. Once we got to the table, I let her go and placed her on the chair as I kissed her forehead. I looked at her as she took in the scene. Her eyes widened and she gaped. “M7ammad..” She said softly, not looking at me. “3yoon m7ammad..” I replied as I sat down next to her. “I love you..” She said, tears beginning to rim her beautiful eyelashes. Her eyes sparkling, her nose getting red, still gaping at the scene. I think I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful women around the world, but in this moment, I knew that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I had a feeling that I will be thinking that for a very long time. __________________________ I hope you enjoyed..

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Meant to Be (part 45)

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Sorry 6awalt bas uni is taking up all my time!

Inshallah I will try to finish the story in this break!



----- Shai5a

University was extremely stressful, the pre-med competition, the crazy schedule, the rude girls everywhere. My life was a mess outside the house basically, and sometimes, I don't even have time to talk to M7ammad.

He's always understanding, but I know he didn't particularly like it. I didn't like it myself.

My chemistry midterm was today, and honestly I was just dying from the amount of stress and the fear of flunking my first uni test.

My exam was at 11, but I woke up at 6 when M7ammad did to go to work.

I quickly grabbed the first thing I got from the closet and ironed it as I waited for M7ammad to leave the bathroom.

"Oh sorry ga3adtich 7abeebti?" he asked as he got out of the bathroom.

"La its fine, I want to review anyways" I told him.

"3ayal good morning" He hugged me tightly.

"Stressful morning you mean" I replied grumpily.

"La la moo stressful, you studied well, and you answered all the questions I asked you yesterday correctly" He said.

"M7ammad, remind me, shno your questions? You basically asked me to complete the titles of the lectures before you fell asleep" I laughed.

"Bas I woke up again for you, and I asked you about the subtitles too!" He chuckled.

"Yeah yeah, inzain yalla badel 3ashan ma tit2a5ar" I told him as I went to the bathroom.

M7ammad was waiting for me when I got out, and after I finished dressing we both headed downstairs.

"I'll drop you off today a7san" he said as we sat for breakfast.

"No I'm fine, I can drive" I replied.

"I'm not really asking you, I'm just telling you" He smirked as he filled my plate with cheese and cucumbers.

"M7ammad 7aram, I don't even want breakfast la t7e6 wayed" I complained, ignoring his previous comment.

"La you're eating all of this 3ashan you have energy for the exam. Moo min ams myaninatny 3indy exam w 3indy exam, yalla it's my turn now to annoy you about your exam" He said as he placed the plate in front of me.

"Sometimes you are just annoying" I told him.

"Tara your exam is not a big deal, ya3ny it is only 30% of your grade. If you ditch it and go out with me for example, you can still pass if you did well in your final" He joked.

"Whatever M7ammad" I said, trying to hide my smile.

"tara ilyoom intay wayed ma36eetny 6af, awal shay no good morning kiss, wala I love you, w il7een moo 3ajbich kalamy ba3ad.." He complained pouting.

"I'll make it up to you when I finish my exam inshallah" I said.

"Nshoof" He replied smiling. "Bas I can't go through the day without my good-moring kiss, so you'll have to give it to me soon or I'll die.." He pretended to be serious.

"That's not funny at all" I stared at him.

"Me dead is not funny?" He joked.

I stopped eating and I looked at him, annoyed.

"I'm sorry 5ala9" He laughed as he continued eating his breakfast.

He ended up dropping me off. I have no idea why he likes to do it, bas he does.

And he did get his good-morning kiss somewhere along the way.

----- M7ammad

I was just as stressed about Shai5a's exams as she was, because I didn't want her to be upset about anything, even if it was a trivial as a midterm grade. I knew she was smart, and I knew she could do it. However, I also knew that sometimes no matter how much you study, you simple cannot get grades in medical school.

Her exams went by pretty quickly, and today her results will be out so I'm planning on surprising her.

----- Shai5a

Il7imillah I did well in my midterms even though I did not expect that at all. M7ammad is taking me out today bas apparently I can't know where.

"Inzain shda3wa just tell me wain.." I complained.

"La2 it's a surprise love" He replied.

"Please.." I continued.

"No.." He smiled, pinching my cheeks.

"Inzain shlon adry shno albes?" I asked.

"Ily yray7ech.." He said.

"I'm going to dress up la2ana I feel like it.. so please don't take me somewhere with mud.." I told him as I picked my outfit.

"You'll never know until we're there.." He winked.

"Inzain should I wear heels? Please bas answer this question.." I said.

"It's up to you.. and don't worry I'll carry you if you can't walk.." he told me.

"Yeah as if I'll let you do that.." I laughed.

"kaifich 3ayal.. walk barefoot jidam ilnas.." He replied.

"I'm not wearing heels 5ala9.." I grumbled as I got ready.


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Meant to Be (part 44)

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Please aby a3arf if you want me to continue the story till like part 50 ..

Or taboony a5ale9ha bser3a in like 2 parts?

short post bas I will write again as soon as i can!


---- M7ammad

I woke up the next morning, and felt the bed for Shaikha because she wasn't in my arms as usual.

I heard the water run in the bathroom, and went there quickly, hoping that she forgot to lock the door, but was disappointed when I got there.

"Shaikhaaaaaaa" I called, crankily.

I'm guessing she didn't hear me because there was no reply.

"Shayooooooo5" I screamed.

I heard something fall.

"Ouuuch.. Na3am, shno, shfeek?" She replied startled as she stopped the water.

"Intay ily shfeech" I laughed.

"6a7 il shampoo 3ala reely.. w mako shay y'6a7ek" She said, not able to stop herself from laughing.

"Inzain open the door" I told her.

"I'm taking a shower" She said slowly, as if she was trying to show me how stupid I was to ask her that.

"Adry, and I also know that I've seen it all.. so open the door" I said mischievously.

"M7ammad.. bas 3ad maly 5lg" she replied.

"Intay killa malich 5lg mako shay yideed.. open the f***** door" I told her, smiling, knowing that this is going to piss her off.

"cham marra gaylatlik la tseb M7ammad?" She said, annoyed.

" f*** " I repeated.

"M7ammaaaad!!" She exclaimed.

" f*** and ***** ok?" I laughed.

"That is it!" She almost screamed, and opened the door with her towel tightly wrapped around her slender figure. " w ba3dain ma3ak ya3ny?" She said as she stared at me angrily.

"9aba7 il 5air 7abeebti" I replied innocently. "are you done taking a shower?" I asked as I went inside the bathroom.

"M7ammaaad la tista3be6!!!" She tried to drag me out.

"Look honey, I'm going to take a shower, so if you want to join me 7ayach, and if you don't please close the door, bas I don't mind you peeking tara" I smiled evilly.

"I can't believe you!" She complained, but quickly closed the door when she realized that I was really serious about taking a shower, whether or not she was watching.

"Oh and I forgot to tell you how hot you look in that towel!" I screamed after her.

----- Shai5a

I went to the other bathroom and took a really quick shower after the stunt that M7ammad decided to pull.

I dressed in the other room too, knowing that M7ammad would not let me dress in peace in out room.

"Shai5aaa.." I heard him call.

"m7amaaad" I called back.

"Are you done?" He asked.

"Yeah kind of!" I replied.

He came into the room wearing his navy scrubs, with his hair still wet.

"Mumkin afham laish il 7araka il bay5a ily saweetha this morning?" I asked him, trying my best not to smile.

"3ashan marra thanya lama agoolich tifti7een il bab, tifti7eena 3ala 6ool.." He said with his eyebrow raised. "Ok?"

I stared at him, but knowing M7ammad, I would not win this argument any time soon, so I let it go 3ashan la at2a5ar 3al jam3a.

"I think you forgot something.." He said as I took my books and headed to the door.

"Shno?" I asked worried.

"My good morning kiss" He smiled innocently.

"You're not getting one honey.." I said as I hurried towards the door, but sadly he was much faster than me especially that I was carrying a couple of books.

"Awal shay, shaklich chinich yadity w intay shayla hathool, so give me the books.." He said as he blocked the door. " w thany shay, you know perfectly well that you are going nowhere without giving me my kiss.. so do it" He laughed.

I kissed him on the cheek quickly, and motioned for him to move so I can open the door.

He rolled his eyes, and pulled me for a kiss of his own, as he opened the door.

"M7ammad tara mit2a5ra so bser3a nazely the books please!" I said.

"Ok 3ayal ana awa9lich 3ashan ma tisre3een bl sayara.." He replied.

"La ana broo7y baroo7!" I told him.

"Intay ma t3arfeen tsoogeen, ana awa9lich!" He said.

"M7amad.. you better put the books in my car and leave bser3a.." I said annoyed that he was making fun of my driving skills.

"Inzain, don't forget to call me when you get there, w la tasre3een" He ordered me seriously.

"Inshallah" I replied and drove off with a smile refusing to leave my face.


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Meant to Be (Part 43)


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It's kinda short though, and there are some not so innocent moments in there ;p
sorry ;p

please id3ooly with my exams..

and good luck everyone with whatever you are doing..


----- M7ammad

The days have passed and I can only say that I grew more and more attached to Shaikha.

Well, I can't say that we are acting like husband and wife fully, as much as I want to do just that, but that is mainly because she is a very shy person.

"M7ammad.." She called, interrupting the part where I undress her with my eyes, shamelessly.

"Hmm.." I replied, still distracted.

"Stop staring!" She ordered.

"Only if you stop resisting.." I mocked her.

"You are unbelievable.." She stated.

"But you love me.." I softly kissed her neck.

"M7ammad.." She replied breathlessly.

"I want you now.." I said, for the millionth time since we got married.

"But.." She said, running out of excuses as her cheeks flushed.

"I'm listening.." I replied,

"It's 10 in the morning.." She stated.

"So? " I asked.

"So.. you can't do this in the morning.." She said.

"Why not.." I chuckled.

"Because.. because.. you just can't.." She replied, flustered.

"Then watch me.." I said, pecking her lips.

"M7ammaaad.." She pleaded with her eyes closed.

"ya3nee lee mita?" I sighed.

"Tonight.. bas not now.." She said hopefully.

"You think I'm going to fall for that again?" I asked chuckling.

"La2 hal marra 9ij.." She stated.

"Yeah right, and then you'll go and sleep in my mom's room just like last time you said tonight.. or is it going to be like the time you stayed in the bathroom for three hours showering and then pretended you were asleep as soon as your head was on the pillow?" I teased her.

She sighed.

"Give me some credit.. it's not going to be bad.." I promised confidently.

She stayed quiet as I trailed kissed from her neck to her defined collarbone.

"If you really don't want to, I suppose I can wait another day or two.." I said with my eyes closed, the idea of waiting paining me.

"I just want to do one thing first.." She said quietly.

"Ok.." I said hesitantly, as she jumped out of bed.

She locked the door, closed the lights and the curtains, and made her way back to me slowly.

"Alright.." She said, unsure.

"A7ibich tadreen.." I said as I held her closer to me, feeling her body melt to my touch immediately.

And I can only say, it was definitely worth the wait.

----- Shaikha

I blushed furiously as I remembered the details of the past few days, since he had everything his way after that night, or morning to be more accurate.

His birthday was coming up soon, and I had one thing planned for sure, I was going to tell him that I love him.

I blushed again at the thought of saying these words out loud, and I tried whispering them, but failed again.

M7ammad barged into the room and walked to the bed, plopping himself next to me, as he hugged my side.

"7abeebty.." He said, exhausted.

"Shlonik?! Had a rough day?" I asked him, putting my hands on his cheeks and tracing his perfect gufel.

"Kind of.." he replied with his eyes closed.

"Allah ya36eek il 3afya.." I said caringly.

"Allah y3afeech.. did you miss me?!" He asked.

"Of course.." I replied smiling.

"Then say it.." He said with a smile of his own.

" No.." I teased him.

"Laish?" He pouted, and I felt like kissing him but I didn't want to go that way, knowing how it will end.

"Simply because I miss you too much that words can't really express.." I said, as I let him hug me properly, enjoying the warmth radiating from his body.

"7abeebty intay walla.. I missed you too.." He kissed my forehead, and from my experience with him, I knew that he will not stop the conversation. Just like he read my mind, he continued: " Inzain, do you love me?" He asked opening his eyes now and looking at me hopefully.

I felt my cheeks burning as soon as I heard the L-word and my ears were not in a better shape either.

"Ya3ny laish ma tgooleenha.. kil hatha w ma t7ibeeny?" He asked, sounding like a little boy.

I was tongue-tied, as usual, because as soon as he says anything related to love, I'm just forced to remain quiet by an overwhelming force that I cannot overcome.

"I will make you scream that you love me tonight.." He smirked.

"Ya 8aleel il adab.." I muttered feeling my face turn to a very unattractive shade of rouge.

"Say that one more time and I will show you mno 8aleel il adab.." He said, and although he had a goofy expression on his face, his tone sounded serious.

I gulped involuntarily, and he chuckled as he hugged me closer, finally surrendering to sleep.


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Reconciling Hearts..

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This is dedicated to all my readers and followers :)

Random post btw..


She took a deep breath, trying to control the ragged movements that her chest was making as a failing attempt to breathe when he entered the elevator quickly.

The elevator's doors closed just before she was about to rush outside.

He looked at her, and even though he didn't recognize her at first, the emotions displayed in her eyes as she looked his way in a frantic manner gave her away.
Only one girl would mirror all these feelings, her.

A slight smile formed on his beautiful face as he realized that fate has finally brought her his way again.

She, however, did not find that coincidence a pleasant one, all the memories came pouring down, flashing sporadically, making her shiver at their intensity.

The elevator's doors opened one more time, it was his stop but not hers.

She thanked god silently because she was going to collapse very soon and she didn't want that to happen in front of him.

He took one more look at her, and grabbed her arm unexpectedly, making her heart stop.

Was it his touch, the one that she yearned for, that made everything freeze?

Or was it the look in his eyes? Everything seemed chaotic there, and she couldn't put a finger on what she saw in his deep chocolate-brown eyes. But she saw beautiful hues of passion there somewhere.

She felt her body rigged with fear of what he was about to do with her, but most importantly she feared that she would not be able to tame her emotions anymore.

Thankfully, his room was only two steps away from the hallway where the elevators were, so no one noticed him half-pulling and half-carrying her to his room.

As soon as he released her hands, she turned away from him, not allowing him to see her face.

He locked the door twice, and the sound of the lock made her gulp.

She looked at him fearfully, as he smiled, taking in her features and tracing them with his eyes.

"Mno?" She said, realizing how stupid she sounded even to herself, because everyone knew that she cannot forget him.

"Mno?" He asked mockingly as he took a step towards her.

"La2?" She replied quickly, although it sounded more like a question.

"3ayal?" He asked.

"Shno?" She looked at him, her beautiful eyes wide with shock as he closed the gap between them in one big step.

She tried to take a step back, but soon she was pinned to the wall. Their bodies weren't really touching because he had his hands on both of her sides, preventing her from escaping, but in the same time keeping an arm's distance.

"Intay jawbay.. mno ana?" He asked her, wanting to hear her say his name.

"Madry.." She replied looking around the room, trying desperately not to get captured into the brown prisons of his eyes.

He took a tiny step closer to her, and she knew where this was going.

"M7ammad.." She whispered, her voice begging him to leave her alone.

"3yoon M7ammad.." He replied involuntarily, causing her close her eyes momentarily, trying to compose herself.

He cursed himself for being so forward, especially when he hasn't seen her or talked to her for over five years.

He wondered how they came to the conclusion to break up, was it the fact that they were going to different countries to study, was it the fact that he didn't want her to be a doctor because he knew it was tiring and he wanted the best for her, or was it the fact that both of them were really stubborn?

He shook his head, not believing that five years had already passed.

He was a doctor himself, and while he left to specialize abroad, she stayed in Kuwait to study medicine.

She didn't want him to leave Kuwait, and he didn't want her to study medicine, he knew deep down that the miseries of all these people would get to her, and in his eyes she was too fragile to handle that.

Both of them admit that they called each other for months, they even did a couple of weeks ago, he listened to her breathing on the phone, and she silently cried, wishing that one of them would speak up. But the things that had to be said were too abstract for words to illustrate them. But it took one look in the abyss of her honey-colored eyes, and he understood.

They stood silently, both of them hypnotized by the others' eyes. He stepped closer to her as her eyes, beautifully rimmed with long black eyelashes, held a pool of tears. He had the urge to cup her face and kiss her eyes until the tears disappeared. But he held himself back, willing to make everything go right this time because as he got lost into her eyes one more time, he realized how much he is missing.

Her lungs were failing her one more time; from the minute she met his gaze, she felt herself slip slowly.

He looked at her worriedly, realizing that she was probably having an asthma attack.

"Where is your inhaler?" He asked her quickly.

She shook her head, and he cursed under his breath as he went to his drawer and emptied its contents on the desk. He found a puffer and quickly gave it to her. He helped her with it because her hands were shaking, and she leaned on the wall after inhaling twice.

He gently picked her up explaining that he was placing her on the bed before she freaks out.

He went out quickly and got an oxygen mask just to be sure that she was ok.

She pushed it away when he offered it to her.

"Please.." He said breathlessly.

Without opening her eyes, she reluctantly took the mask from him.

After a while, she regained some of her physical composure and got up.

"Wain ray7a?" He asked quickly, not allowing her to get off the bed.

"I'm tired.." She begged him with her eyes to let her leave.

"I know, which is why you should rest a bit.." He said.

"I can't.. please.." Her voice broke as she talked.

"Intay ily please.. let me do this right.. let me fix this.. la2ana both of us know that if you leave this room I might not see you in a very long time la2ana you will be avoiding me.." He begged her.

She sat down again, covering her small face with her hands.

"Shfeech?" He asked concerned, as he felt her breathing get unsteady again.

"I'm really tired M7ammad.." She said as she looked up at him, and he felt his heart shatter.

This time he didn't hesitate as he took her into his arms and hugged her closer to him.

It had been their first time to hug. He felt her body give in to him, as he fought the urge to crush her body against his.

Both of them had a million thoughts going through their minds, but none of them spoke, cherishing the proximity of their bodies.

"Are you feeling better now?" He asked after what seemed like an eternity.

"Yeah.." She replied, a sad smile invaded her face.

"You know I never stopped thinking about you.." He said, while taking her hand into his.

"I never stopped talking to you.." She replied simply.

"Ha?" He replied, confused, although they did call each other, no one uttered a word, except maybe an aloo or two every now and then.

"Well.." She started reluctantly, but then continued. "I wrote to you every day, emails, letters, notes.. but I wouldn't send them.. and I would always talk to you at night, imagining you were hidden behind one of the beautiful, unreachable stars.. and then I would try to guess your reactions which I pretty much knew by heart.." She finished.

He sat her next to him so he can take a good look at her face, she seemed to be in a reverie, and he can almost guarantee that she did not realize that she just spoke aloud because she wasn't usually a person who easily confesses.

He smiled as he watched her expressions, and he cursed himself for being so stupid and thinking he can forget her from the beginning.

"M7ammad?" She said, driving him crazy with the way she said his name.

"7abeebti.." He replied, not being able to control himself.

He saw her cheeks redden and she gave him her back this time.

"M7ammad.. what now?" She said is a sad, distant voice.

" It's simple .. I'm going to make it up for you.." He said confidently. She sighed, and he continued, "Will you give me a second chance?" He asked her, he stood up and knelt in front of her so he can get the answer from her eyes even if she decided to remain quiet. He got his answer immediately, and said "You don't have to tell me now, but you're going to have to tell me soon you know.." His eyes held a mischievous spark in them.

He decided to let the matter go, but then he remembered, "Why isn't your inhaler with you?" He asked, raiisng his eyebrows.

"Why would I need to carry it with me everywhere I go?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"Well, maybe because you have asthma?" He told her, frowning that she was so careless when it came to her own health yet so careful when it came to others.

"I don't have asthma.. i just have some emotional stress attacks every now and then.." She replied simply.

"And the scientific name for that would be..?" He asked, knowing that he was wining this argument.

"I have to leave.." She said, biting back her smile.

"You know if something happened to you.. I will track you down and you won't like my punishment.. I don't think I can manage to live without you anymore.." He told her, pretending to be angry.

She looked at him for a while before blushing and making her way to the door.

"Not so fast young lady.." He told her as he took hold of both of her hands. "You're under-estimating me you know.. we have a history and I know how stubborn you are.. so I am going to make you promise to take it everyday now or else you are not leaving this room.." He said, chuckling at her reaction.

"I am not young.." She told him sternly.

"I didn't mean it that way.." He told her laughing.

"whatever" She rolled her eyes and tried to free her hands from his.

"I am going to count to three, and then I will kiss you until you give in and promise to take it with you everyday.." He warned her, secretly hoping that she would not say yes before he counts to three.

"one, two.." he said quickly.

"Fine.. I promise!!" She said closing her eyes, fearing that he will actually do it.

"That's my girl.." He said, smiling widely.

"Woman.." She corrected him.

"Are you ever going to get over your age issues?" He laughed at her.

"Never.." She said smiling and left the room quietly, looking back one last time before she took the stairs this time to her floor.

Two weeks have passed and she didn't see him at all since that day. She smiled as she went up to her mother blushing.

"Yes.." She said.

Today, she was his, and he was hers.

"A7ibich.." He whispered after her kissed her forehead on their milcha.


Hope you enjoyed..