Sunday, October 10, 2010

You ask me..

I know ina u guys are bored from all the random posts..
but I honestly have no time to write a post 7ag the story..
I slept for one hour bas yesterday..
and this is just part of my venting process..

So.. Im extremely sorry..
and I promise you I will try my best to post this weekend..


You ask me a simple question..

A question, with either a yes or a no, for an answer..

and yet, it's the most difficult question in my life..

How much do you love me?

You ask me, not bothering to ask if I do love you,

Even though I have never said it aloud..

You ask me, even though it's clear..

I love you more than anyone else..

And you know that..

But you still ask..

Even though you can see it in my eyes..

Even though you can sense it..

Even though you can almost touch the love in the air..

The love I carry around for you..

It's becoming a burden, difficult to carry around..

Loving you so much but not being able to actually tell you is torture for me..

I look into your eyes..

wanting you to confess your love..

wanting you to finally make my dreams come true..

But in your eyes..

I see my reflection..

I see my pain..

I see me..

and I see my love for you..

But I can't see you..

Because you refuse to let me in, not matter how hard I tried..


Take care..

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Say on the Shared Story (2)

Dedicated to the brave lady.. and to #1 Anony :)


First of all, I must say that it is very brave of you to write this. I hope you are feeling a little bit better.

Now, if there is one motto you should follow, it would be around the lines of: tomorrow is a new day, and yesterday is basically over. You should live your life day by day, and stop mourning about the past. Even though it's hard, and you feel like you're losing a part of your identity, but that phase will soon be over. You will be able to look back and be thankful for all the hardships that you went through because they helped shape the way you are now.

I won't focus on the part about your relationship with anyone, I will focus on you. You should try to sit down with yourself and discover who you really are, what you want, and just admit to yourself how you're feeling.

Sometimes people are just in denial, and they refuse to let go. When you say that you feel guilty because you feel like you are cheating on 3aziz, that is you in denial. You might be thinking that he will come back one day, but he isn't because he finally settled in the right place. He might be away from you, but you have to be sure that he happened for a reason, to make you a better person maybe, and he will always be a part of your past.

Your future now, has to involve you moving on. If you really love that guy, go for it, but try not to do it because you want to compensate for your lost love. Really think it through, maybe have a little time to yourself. If he loves you, he will always wait for you no matter what.

Be sure that your soul mate will "happen", whether you are expecting it or not. Try not to think about it and just enjoy yourself, and focus on emotionally recovering first.

I hope this helps .. :)


Take care..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shared Story (2)

This is another story..
she wanted to share..
and I hope you guys offer her some advice..
w I will write my advice in the next post inshallah..


I was 13 when I first fell inlove. I meet him from flickr and I regret that knw we stayed together for a year he was the perfect guy I lied about something and he found out so he broke up with me.

After a year I logged in my fb and found an inbox from this guy let's call him 3aziz. He was thanking me for accepting his request. We started chatting kna we chat the whole time. Awl mngoom tell we go back to sleep he asked me for my email I don't knw why I gave him I felt like I could trust him. After a week of chatting on msn he told me that he was falling for me and I felt the same way so we became a couple. We talked day and night. Itha knt mt'9ygaa I would go to him he would always be their for me. After 5 months the day before my life becomes black I was chatting with 3aziz.

me*fenyy el 9y7aa
3ziz* laiish 7yatyy shfeech
me* t5ylt my life bdoonk
3ziz* mb a5leech

The next day was his first day for uni w anaa knt fl bait w I woke up at 7 bs 3shaan I be the first to wish him luck on his first day. I talked with him tell he got to uni and I went back to sleep at 4 I woke up 7saayt glbyy kaan bwgf. I talked to 3aziz bs he wasn't answering so I thought maybe he's with his friend aw shyy. I was sitting in the living room I was checking my fb when I saw a guys status Allah yr7m 3ziz al flanii. It was the same name of 3ziz I freaked out 6rsht a msg 7g the guy asked him whts the name of the guys father. But he took a while to answer so I told my friend to call him. She did and she called me she told me that it was him. I broke down I stayed a 2 weeks nt in the mood to talk to anyone I would cry every once in a while. After a year I had this guy friend that I knew for 3 years he told me that he loved me. I told him that I can't. He said that he understand and now a7s I'm falling for him. I don't knw wht to do if I tell him a7s inaa I will feel bad lnaa a5oon 3aziz Allah yr7ma :(.


I hope you are feeling better..